Thursday, December 08, 2005

Dhruv hatyara hai!

Super Commando Dhruv's a killer?!

He was my role-model when I was kid, my all time favourite. That time I didn't know any other brand than Raj, all the popular ones, Nagraj, Doga, Bhokal were Raj's. I didn't like them so much as they boasted of super-natural (or un-natural) powers which I didn't believe in. On the other hand, Dhruv was a perfect human, with his amazing brain, fast reaction, and strong punches. And ya! Never forget the way he cud ride the bike on a rope! Which he learnt owing to his murdered parents being part of a Russian(?) Circus.

The most interesting part was his equally brilliant team, and his sister, who without Dhruv's knowing abt it, was also a super-woman(?). That was the best part when she wd suddenly pop into action whenever Dhruv was in danger.

Am remembering all these again, and feel like enjoying them once again. This time when I am back, will surely go and order at least a dozen comics to make up for the missed episodes. Almost forgot abt him!!!

Friday, December 02, 2005

2.0 web!

"They are the crux of it, whatever it is."

Just found this 2.0 link:

Forces me to do a checklist upon myself, so here it is:
tags: Got a flickr account!
Ruby on Rails, AJAX: Will surely(adamant) use in next project!
Integrates with Flickr: haha! All over me!
Beta: will soon release one!
Adsense support: emm! no visitor, no money!
Candid Blog: Highly partial towards technology
OTHERS: Dun understand! OOPS!

haha! love this! :)