Sunday, August 28, 2005

Visit to Msia

Last wednesday had a chance to go for a 1-day trip to Msia. This was a industrial site visit organized by SCS in collaboration with SCE, NTU.

Well, the first thing it reminds me is that I only had 3 hrs sleep; needed to complete some stuff of IA. However, woke up at 5:30 and left off to Kranji. We started off at 8:00 and crossed the border from woodlands checkpoint.

Reached FLEXITRONICS at Johor Bahru at arnd 10:00. We weren't allowed to take cameras in. However, didn feel much disappointment abt it; coz wasn't really interested in the factory. They took us arnd the production unit where the production of chips was going at the rate of millions/month. The whole huge room was filled up with workers; as if the crowd of JP is all over there ;). Our tour of the company ended at arnd 12:00 from where we started off to Fruit Farm.

It took us more than 2 hrs to reach the farm during which I had my full quota of much wanted sleep. I was expecting a good scenary and vegetation however, caught something equally interesting. The first 15 mins of tour of the farm took us to their mini-zoo. I saw Ostrich for the first time; just like my friends who hadn't also seen them. Everyone started clicking to their best ability while the ostrich seemed to get excited after seeing so many humans arnd. There were other animals as well including rabbits, small goats, and others.

But something really fascinating was waiting to be seen. As we were roaming arnd, we saw this small glass box. And it had a big Cobra inside it! It was the first time we saw it so near to us. Unlike Ostrich, Cobra didn't like to get teased by so many arnd. It got angry and hissed at one of the dareable one arnd while also tracing the guy face to face as if it were a reflection of the guy. Was just amazing to see it...

We had a nice fruit buffet along with original honey dew juice. As for me, I was more than happy as that was the only veg thing I got since morning. Had my full share of fruit meal :). Just roamed arnd for some more time and clicked more photos. We left at arnd 6:00 for our next destination, the seafood restaurant.

It rained very heavily during our way to the restaurant. Took us arnd 1:00 hr to reach the restaurant. Knowing that I was a veggie, was served fried rice. Not nice, but anyway, more like I was giving company to others at the table. It was sunset time; so just thought of taking one or 2 more photos before leaving. But as soon as I came out, I was taken by surprise. I hadn't noticed before, but in front of the restaurant was Sea! And with the rain that just got over, the view was amazing. The best one I had ever seen till now. I got some very nice ones. However, it soon became dark and the exposure started lasting for 6 secs. And I had forgotten to take my tripod with me. Felt disappointment on missing out the after sunset view :(.

However, the ones I took made my whole trip more than perfect :).

Reached at woodlands checkpoint at arnd 10:00. Too much rush, so took long. Reached my room at 11:30 ready and energized for next day's work after a refreshing day at Msia.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Hi... Am trying from BloGTK which is a cool blogger for Linux Desktop. And, it has support for proxy also :). Hence, my search reaches a destination ;).
But, I can't change the title apparently.. :(.

Friday, August 19, 2005

food at tanjong

"I was not feeling like eating the same old thing i.e. naan, chapathi and rice". Well this can tell you the kind of food we get at Tanjong area. I never expected Singapore to have such amazing Indian food quality. Went to 'pangat' today to have Indian paranthas. Really nice food ranging from puri, chapathi, naan and aalo, methi and plain paranthas. Having all these stuff here in Singapore just gives a joy which can't be expressed. All my talks back home used to be 'no food'. But, this time surely I have much more to say.

Yesterday, I got one of my photos printed and framed as a gift for my friend. Though, I am not so good at photography currently, but, that one came out quite nicely. Even in print. My friend liked it too :). Hence, my first success at photography :D.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My experience with novels...

These days am practising on my novel reading habits. Till now I had no time to read them. But, now I have so much journey to perform everyday; going to company; that novels are the only choice. And, they very much fit in also. Generally my reading is limited to scientific fictions, and murder, mystery. These are probably the only novels I can concentrate upon. Coz, last time, for a change, I tried my luck on a romantic novel. First 2 chapters, and I was already bored. The novel was just too slow; and it was not happening also anyway ;). So, I came back to my types only.

All my attempts at getting 'Da Vinci Code' and its bro's like 'Angels and Daemons' etc. have been fruitless. Every other person on road is carrying one which belongs to his friend's friend's friend. So, Am currently reading up John Boyne's 'Crippen'. Abt a doctor 'who likes to see blood flowing out'.... Well, I am sure you wd agree that this is nothing new actually. Last novel I read was abt a brilliant psychiatrist who killed ppl if they refused to tell him 'everything' abt themselves. But, even if the characters resemble, still there is enuf material to make u keep flipping thro the pages. Though I am longing for more scientific fictions now.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Desktop blogging

Have been looking for a 'right from desktop blogging' app. Checked out the linux apps out there. There is a bunch of nice apps; esp. gnome-blog. It allows you to write, and keep editing your 'to-be' post; and then, finally whenever you feel like it; just post it over. And more than that, it will stick to your gnome desktop in front of ur eyes. But, its still amateur. There is no proxy settings. Hence, ppl in universities or offices with an intranet, won't be able to blog.

In windows, there are quite a number of good apps. One is this w.bloggar which I am using now. Its quite nice GUI and supports proxy also; on top of that is its amazing speed. You can post, you can edit your posts and all that within a few secs of the keystroke.

Apart from blogging; there is another very fast and easy-to-use app known as 'Gmail shell'. This app will create a drive on your 'My Computer'. You can drag and drop / Copy-paste your files etc. to this drive and it will automatically send these files to your Gmail account. Convinced huh? Not so much. Keep listening then. Apart from this drag-drop interface, it uploads ur files to Gmail in very less time. I have had success even with 9 MB files; while in contrast doing thro' my browser will take forever.

Conclusion: There is an faster app for each mechanical work to be done. Just go find it out :P.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

da vinci movie?

Heard that they are creating a movie on the novel 'Da Vinci Code' starring Tom Hanks. Well, for all the predictions; that must be a superhit movie. Too eager to see it... Btw, there are so many other novels also that deserve attention with stories so dramatic; that you can easily imagine how they will look with the special effects that hollywood can provide. Prey probably is one of the best examples. But, in all cases, movies based on novels have proved to have better success rates on box office than the movies with a tailor made story. The reasons may lie in the imagination power of a novel writer along with the years of experience with more focussed attention. This is in contrast to those movie writers who think of their characters in terms of box office profit.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

A new Photo blog

So, I started clicking now. Thought of making a blog dedicated to my photos. So, here's it
My Photo Gallery

Friday, August 05, 2005

finally.. Panasonic FZ5

So, finally I bought the camera. How much for? Well simlim came out to be very sad in terms of ultra-zoom cams. There was only 1 shop which cud have given these cams cheap; but, it went out of stock of Panasonic; and Canon one was coming out to be very eX.

I got this camera for $660; along with 256MB SD Card, an original Panasonic camera holder(cover); and warranty card which though is for 1 year; but, has its date of purchase slot empty. So, I can put a later date of purchase and claim it ;) haha!

Now, I am all too eager to click some photos. Here in blk 44, hall 8; we got a nice roof top; very high. Will click some views from there :). Just waiting for my batter to get charged.

Rest with real photos; too much of talking done already!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

today.. lotsa things

National day is coming soon; saw 3 soldiers walking down Tanjong Pagar MRT with long guns which looked very polished; more like toys than real guns. But anyway, was very exciting; wanted to hold one myself and try out ;).

Just one day before I saw some air show practise going on for National day; with fighter planes doing a vertical climb up in sky; and nose-diving. Oh man! it must have been very challenging to do so. More than enjoying that, I was already missing the would be 'mine' camera. Cud have taken some pics over there itself. Anyway can't go to National stadium; dun have bucks to spend.

Went to simlim again today. Checked out the price of Canon S2 IS. It appeared a bit fixed price over almost all of the shops; probably coz of its quality and demand out there. Anyway; the cheapest I got was $700. However, considering the quality of pics and all; panasonic FZ5 is more than just equal. And its much cheaper also at rates starting from $650. So, decided to buy Panasonic rather. Am going this friday to get that; lets see how it comes out to be.

Went to Sun Microsystems office today for a meeting along with Amey. Apart from the technicalities that we discussed and excited me; what caught my attention more were those cool chairs we were sitting on. You cud adjust the hand-rest; cud turn it arnd making it more comfortable; it also had some more complex mechanisms which I wanted to find out; but cudn't just start engineering them coz of the fact that I was in a meeting :p. But, still enjoyed twiddling with the chair hahaha... Hope no one noticed that :D.

And now, my IA. I would like to spend hours explaining how my IA is really cool and hectic; but anyway not now. Other cool things abt it is the tea shop I go to every morning. As soon I step over in the vicinity of the shop; that guy would just shout out "1 Tea. Have a seat!" hahaha... Nice morning tea with lotsa smiles :). Luv it that regular way.

feeling lonely?

Listen to smooth jazz. That's what I do whenever I got work to complete as well as want to keep myself stressfree.
Like this one:

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mum-bhai ekdum danger place

where you survive if you got the pace...

Though I never went to Mumbai; always want to go over there and see the so most famous Juhu and chaupati and all. Was just reading up on the flood in Mumbai; and got across this eye-witness. Though I cudn't understand his this lady drove in Mumbai when the water is 5ft deep; "You can drown if you are 5ft tall".

Let's hope it comes back to normal soon.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

held Panasonic FZ5 in my hands

the first time I held 12x optical zoom camera in a professional way... looked really cool. I focussed on some ppl from so far away; and it clicked very nicely. Panasonic compared to Canon S2 IS is small; very handy; light also. It has got Lithium batteries(or Nickel is it?); so you can put an
AC Adapter and charge them; unlike in Canon where you got to put 4 AA-batteries. Replacement will be costlier; though can always get rechargeable cells.

Comparing the lens of both, Canon S2 IS's lens is based upon the SLR (as the site says); and its got really good reviews from every site as well as every photography expert arnd. Panasonic got a german made lens which is cheaper. So, you can save arnd S$200 for almost the same quality. What I am looking at is quality at night views; which require more exposure; and better lens also; for which Canon one is supposedly better.

Anyway; now my final comparison comes down to a lot of things besides lens only. Handiness; batteries; memory cards; weight. Both cams use cheaper SD cards; so no worry. Handiness, weight and looks are with Panasonic. With its black body it just looks cool; fits very nicely in hands and you can easily carry it arnd also.

The one field where canon obv outperforms Panasonic is video capture. Canon has a very high quality video in this class of cameras. So, now the only thing left is to go to Simlim again and check if I can get Canon one cheaper; otherwise go and buy a Panasonic.

Monday, August 01, 2005

more abt cams

Am still checking up on cams, and after checking out Ricoh R1V and R2; I want to go for image quality. So, thot of checking up on the compact ones (Ricoh is still considered ultra compact; though it is big when it comes to Compac IXUS 50).

Canon Powershot S1 IS shows up as one potential dig cam. With 10x optical zoom; 3.2 megapix. Its successor which looks really cool is S2 IS; which has got 12x optical zoom; 5.0 megapix. The close competitor is Sony Cybershot DSC-H1. Here's a comparison.

There are other models too which I have to check once I go to simlim again. Probably, if costs okay; I may be carrying a camera on my neck rather than in my pocket ;).

here is a photo of moon taken from Canon S2 IS using a converter.