Thursday, August 04, 2005

today.. lotsa things

National day is coming soon; saw 3 soldiers walking down Tanjong Pagar MRT with long guns which looked very polished; more like toys than real guns. But anyway, was very exciting; wanted to hold one myself and try out ;).

Just one day before I saw some air show practise going on for National day; with fighter planes doing a vertical climb up in sky; and nose-diving. Oh man! it must have been very challenging to do so. More than enjoying that, I was already missing the would be 'mine' camera. Cud have taken some pics over there itself. Anyway can't go to National stadium; dun have bucks to spend.

Went to simlim again today. Checked out the price of Canon S2 IS. It appeared a bit fixed price over almost all of the shops; probably coz of its quality and demand out there. Anyway; the cheapest I got was $700. However, considering the quality of pics and all; panasonic FZ5 is more than just equal. And its much cheaper also at rates starting from $650. So, decided to buy Panasonic rather. Am going this friday to get that; lets see how it comes out to be.

Went to Sun Microsystems office today for a meeting along with Amey. Apart from the technicalities that we discussed and excited me; what caught my attention more were those cool chairs we were sitting on. You cud adjust the hand-rest; cud turn it arnd making it more comfortable; it also had some more complex mechanisms which I wanted to find out; but cudn't just start engineering them coz of the fact that I was in a meeting :p. But, still enjoyed twiddling with the chair hahaha... Hope no one noticed that :D.

And now, my IA. I would like to spend hours explaining how my IA is really cool and hectic; but anyway not now. Other cool things abt it is the tea shop I go to every morning. As soon I step over in the vicinity of the shop; that guy would just shout out "1 Tea. Have a seat!" hahaha... Nice morning tea with lotsa smiles :). Luv it that regular way.

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