Friday, August 19, 2005

food at tanjong

"I was not feeling like eating the same old thing i.e. naan, chapathi and rice". Well this can tell you the kind of food we get at Tanjong area. I never expected Singapore to have such amazing Indian food quality. Went to 'pangat' today to have Indian paranthas. Really nice food ranging from puri, chapathi, naan and aalo, methi and plain paranthas. Having all these stuff here in Singapore just gives a joy which can't be expressed. All my talks back home used to be 'no food'. But, this time surely I have much more to say.

Yesterday, I got one of my photos printed and framed as a gift for my friend. Though, I am not so good at photography currently, but, that one came out quite nicely. Even in print. My friend liked it too :). Hence, my first success at photography :D.

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