Sunday, August 28, 2005

Visit to Msia

Last wednesday had a chance to go for a 1-day trip to Msia. This was a industrial site visit organized by SCS in collaboration with SCE, NTU.

Well, the first thing it reminds me is that I only had 3 hrs sleep; needed to complete some stuff of IA. However, woke up at 5:30 and left off to Kranji. We started off at 8:00 and crossed the border from woodlands checkpoint.

Reached FLEXITRONICS at Johor Bahru at arnd 10:00. We weren't allowed to take cameras in. However, didn feel much disappointment abt it; coz wasn't really interested in the factory. They took us arnd the production unit where the production of chips was going at the rate of millions/month. The whole huge room was filled up with workers; as if the crowd of JP is all over there ;). Our tour of the company ended at arnd 12:00 from where we started off to Fruit Farm.

It took us more than 2 hrs to reach the farm during which I had my full quota of much wanted sleep. I was expecting a good scenary and vegetation however, caught something equally interesting. The first 15 mins of tour of the farm took us to their mini-zoo. I saw Ostrich for the first time; just like my friends who hadn't also seen them. Everyone started clicking to their best ability while the ostrich seemed to get excited after seeing so many humans arnd. There were other animals as well including rabbits, small goats, and others.

But something really fascinating was waiting to be seen. As we were roaming arnd, we saw this small glass box. And it had a big Cobra inside it! It was the first time we saw it so near to us. Unlike Ostrich, Cobra didn't like to get teased by so many arnd. It got angry and hissed at one of the dareable one arnd while also tracing the guy face to face as if it were a reflection of the guy. Was just amazing to see it...

We had a nice fruit buffet along with original honey dew juice. As for me, I was more than happy as that was the only veg thing I got since morning. Had my full share of fruit meal :). Just roamed arnd for some more time and clicked more photos. We left at arnd 6:00 for our next destination, the seafood restaurant.

It rained very heavily during our way to the restaurant. Took us arnd 1:00 hr to reach the restaurant. Knowing that I was a veggie, was served fried rice. Not nice, but anyway, more like I was giving company to others at the table. It was sunset time; so just thought of taking one or 2 more photos before leaving. But as soon as I came out, I was taken by surprise. I hadn't noticed before, but in front of the restaurant was Sea! And with the rain that just got over, the view was amazing. The best one I had ever seen till now. I got some very nice ones. However, it soon became dark and the exposure started lasting for 6 secs. And I had forgotten to take my tripod with me. Felt disappointment on missing out the after sunset view :(.

However, the ones I took made my whole trip more than perfect :).

Reached at woodlands checkpoint at arnd 10:00. Too much rush, so took long. Reached my room at 11:30 ready and energized for next day's work after a refreshing day at Msia.

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