Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My experience with novels...

These days am practising on my novel reading habits. Till now I had no time to read them. But, now I have so much journey to perform everyday; going to company; that novels are the only choice. And, they very much fit in also. Generally my reading is limited to scientific fictions, and murder, mystery. These are probably the only novels I can concentrate upon. Coz, last time, for a change, I tried my luck on a romantic novel. First 2 chapters, and I was already bored. The novel was just too slow; and it was not happening also anyway ;). So, I came back to my types only.

All my attempts at getting 'Da Vinci Code' and its bro's like 'Angels and Daemons' etc. have been fruitless. Every other person on road is carrying one which belongs to his friend's friend's friend. So, Am currently reading up John Boyne's 'Crippen'. Abt a doctor 'who likes to see blood flowing out'.... Well, I am sure you wd agree that this is nothing new actually. Last novel I read was abt a brilliant psychiatrist who killed ppl if they refused to tell him 'everything' abt themselves. But, even if the characters resemble, still there is enuf material to make u keep flipping thro the pages. Though I am longing for more scientific fictions now.

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