Friday, August 05, 2005

finally.. Panasonic FZ5

So, finally I bought the camera. How much for? Well simlim came out to be very sad in terms of ultra-zoom cams. There was only 1 shop which cud have given these cams cheap; but, it went out of stock of Panasonic; and Canon one was coming out to be very eX.

I got this camera for $660; along with 256MB SD Card, an original Panasonic camera holder(cover); and warranty card which though is for 1 year; but, has its date of purchase slot empty. So, I can put a later date of purchase and claim it ;) haha!

Now, I am all too eager to click some photos. Here in blk 44, hall 8; we got a nice roof top; very high. Will click some views from there :). Just waiting for my batter to get charged.

Rest with real photos; too much of talking done already!

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