Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Desktop blogging

Have been looking for a 'right from desktop blogging' app. Checked out the linux apps out there. There is a bunch of nice apps; esp. gnome-blog. It allows you to write, and keep editing your 'to-be' post; and then, finally whenever you feel like it; just post it over. And more than that, it will stick to your gnome desktop in front of ur eyes. But, its still amateur. There is no proxy settings. Hence, ppl in universities or offices with an intranet, won't be able to blog.

In windows, there are quite a number of good apps. One is this w.bloggar which I am using now. Its quite nice GUI and supports proxy also; on top of that is its amazing speed. You can post, you can edit your posts and all that within a few secs of the keystroke.

Apart from blogging; there is another very fast and easy-to-use app known as 'Gmail shell'. This app will create a drive on your 'My Computer'. You can drag and drop / Copy-paste your files etc. to this drive and it will automatically send these files to your Gmail account. Convinced huh? Not so much. Keep listening then. Apart from this drag-drop interface, it uploads ur files to Gmail in very less time. I have had success even with 9 MB files; while in contrast doing thro' my browser will take forever.

Conclusion: There is an faster app for each mechanical work to be done. Just go find it out :P.


Deepak said...


this seems to say there is prixy support?

mann said...

installed version 0.9. But, no option to set proxy :(. Also, seems that doesn't even take global settings.