Sunday, September 18, 2005

Photo Shoot at Chinese Garden

The ClubSnap members meet was organized at 6:00 pm. And 5:45 still, I was in my room only. Just rushed when I woke up, took my tripod, camera and ran for the bus. When in MRT, just did a regular checking of my camera. And phew! didn't charge my battery. The monitor show 2/3 :o. Anyway! can't do much.

Met the other members at MRT. Very nice group of ppl, very friendly. Especially, when seeing me carrying a small FZ5 camera, they instantly recognize that I am a starter; and start giving tips and all :). Esp. this guy I met today, who is a Unix administrator in HP, and has been clicking for more than 4 years. Very enthu, and very keen on getting the basics and techniques of photography correct. His details on each and every minor thing were just amazing.
The garden was very well decorated. Pagoda was looking very beautiful. There were also statues of humans and animals, which I suppose narrated the old chinese stories. While roaming arnd, we met across this group of kids who were burning crackers. What caught attention was this girl in the middle, very innocent looking, very quiet. The look at her face along with the light of candles in front of her made it really nice.

After clicking a lot of photos of the girl and her friends, I headed towards the lake in front to take reflections. And then suddenly, battery went dead. Arrghh!! Not now; we just started only! Anyway, I resolved to buy spare battery pack asap; and keep it always charged.

From that point onwards, I just roamed arnd and tried to learn from other ppl. I took my friends huge canon DSLR in my hands and clicked some photos. He was using a tele-lens; that's why huge. Also enjoyed learning from these ppl abt photography; its various techniques, ways of learning. And the quote as always "Its not camera that matters, its the person behind the camera who is important".

Its fun going over to these meets. Probably, if my battery hadn't gone out today, I wudn't have checked out what others think abt photography, and wouldn't have tried hands on that huge DSLR as well. Today I got lot more than what I wd have got otherwise. And, it was a very great experience. For now, I am just too eager to read the book on photography I am carrying in my hands :D.

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