Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Version meta alpha - Reason to like Flickrfs

For those who love flickrfs, this is a 'must have'.
For those who dun like flickrfs, rethink!!!

Why? Here are the reasons:
  • Direct access to Metadata! Right from the comfort of command line. Just fire up your favourite editor and you can modify the photo title, description, tags, and license.

  • Direct access to your photostream! Just create a directory 'stream' at your mountpoint root, and your whole photostream (upto 500 photos) will be accessible.

  • Don't like the permissions of your photos? Do a 'chmod' and voila! the perms are changed!

  • No longer need to be root to mount/access/unmount flickrfs. Enjoy normal user account luxury.

Well, how it all works? Just visit


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