Sunday, February 26, 2006

The IT Crowd - First Impression

There has been a lot of buzz about UK's Channel 4 sitcom 'The IT Crowd'. The sitcom focuses on the life of a 3-strong IT Team, where a computer-illiterate becomes the head of 2 geeks, all working in an untidy basement of a 34 storey building. Its being made available on the internet for download 1 week before the original telecast on TV. Learning that, I tried to download it from the main website, but strangely was disallowed access. Reason being that I was accessing from outside UK. The second approach, of using bittorrent to download the episodes also failed, thanks to NTU proxy and firewall. Seeing no other way out, just thought of giving google videos a try, and whoa! It had all the five episodes available, along with download access. So, with lots of hopes and visualizations about the geeky stuff, I started up the download of all 5 episodes, but due to slow connection, finally managed to get only one episode 'The Red Door'.

My expectation of the geek characters was completely thwarted, when they showed 'Roy', the main geek, without any computer on his desk! The only electronics item present on his desk was a telephone. Even the room didn't seem a 'typical geek' room. On the background, there were some brand new monitors laid out very neatly, which deluded the whole concept of dark, stingly and untidy. No hanging wires, no opened up gadgets, screwdrivers, printers, anything! The comedy lacked common sense, originating from childish actions, rather than intelligent taunts. Though I liked some of the dialogues where Moss, the second geek in his 'computerized voice' talks to Jen, the IT head. Concluding the post, the show makes a good time pass, and surely will improve in the coming episodes.

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