Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Flickrfs crosses 10000 mark

Flickrfs got itself tagged by 10035 photos, an indication of how many photos are uploaded using this virtual filesystem. So, that makes 10035 photos within 4 months of its release, which calculating linearly comes to be 2508 photos per month. Isn't that great!

Another interesting news is that two people has joined as developers, R. David Murray and Fabio Spelta; both members of flickrfs-users group. Flickrfs is now undergoing major bug fixing, and thorough testing. The code is uploaded into cvs, and is available through CVS anonymous access, so you can have a quick browse through the code. Enjoy!


Harish Mallipeddi said...

Great to hear - I tried using it sometime back. It had a problem getting the flickr frob thinggy and kept annoying me with an error msg. Should try again now!

mann said...

Gr8! Do let me know if you still get bugs.