Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gift from Google

"A Google T-Shirt?"

That was my aim and my insentive probably when I started working upon an indexing plugin for Bioinformatics databanks. Though I am not interested in Bio related fields; for me it was more of technology involved.
After trying with c++.net; I finally realized that as the plugin expands, it gets more and more complicated. So, with great suggestions and cool googling from deepak, I decided to switch to C#.NET. Though I had never worked upon C# before, but realized that it was just a reformatting of Java. There is no much difference b/w the 2 languages just that Java uses CamelCase while C# uses lower case letters.


Finally after packaging, submitted the plugin which got accepted by Google within 2 weeks :). The plugin is now at their downloads page: http://desktop.google.com/plugins/i/genvea.html
Apart from the company's name being posted up on Google due to which a search will show you Genvea on the top results; I got presented a cool 'Google Desktop Search Developer TShirt', TOTALLY FREE!

Well, that's a 'googly' ;).


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Anonymous said...

hi looking sexy in this google tshirt bhai.

wants to see more of ur snaps on blogspot .