Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hrithik on top of Food Court?

"Hrithik Roshan is no ordinary eater. He loves his lunch when standing right at the top of food court."

P1020878Lau Pasat was much more crowded today than any other day. Reason: Krrish action sequence was being shot. Half of the road was blocked by Police where huge cranes were standing. Hrithik's duplicate first went fwd and did a testing of the equipment followed by Hrithik himself doing the shot. In the sequence, our 'super-duggu' was supposed to fly from one building to another.

When I reached the spot, he was back at ground zero, and was enjoying his 'Subway meal'. No photos were allowed because of his special make-up. Still, it was really a tough time for his guards to stop people who were flocking from the food court to see their favourite superstar.

I as well met some of my friends from the crew. Kamal was standing in front of Hrithik taking care of arrangements and shooing the photo-shooters away.

Manoj (Right)- Member of crew, A freelancer from Mumbai

Manoj, on the other hand, scared me by suddenly jumping on me. He pointed to the creamish van standing.

Hrithik's Van

"Yeh hrithik ki van hai. Yahin par woh dress-up karta hai. Uska sab saaman yahin rehtaa hai"
[This is Hrithik's van. He dresses inside and everything is kept inside the van only]
Also, came to know about Priyanka's duplicate from him. What for? No one knows. Still dunno if it was true or he was just joking. But, this time it was a bit faster when enquiring about where is the shooting going to be held next.

"Jurong mein."
"Jurong mein kahaan? East or West?"
"Woh nahin pata. Jurong mein bas"

["In Jurong", "Where in Jurong. East or West", "Dunno! Just know that its in Jurong"]



Lisa said...


came across your blog from IndiaFM. fan of Hrithik Roshan. =)

i enjoy taking photos too. juz as a hobby though... nothing heavy or serious. is FZ5 really good for starters? cos i'm considering.

mann said...

FZ5 is surely really good. Photo quality is amazing and its anti-shake technology gives very stable pics even at 12x (no tripod, sunlight).

Khushboo said...

heyy! i just saw the shooting yesterday with my boat quay....we hung around the entire day, managed to get a few pics of hrihik too!! i really enjoyed was really cool...and best part, we got hrithik's autographs!!! he was really really nice!! if you want, you can check out the pics i took at http;// , click on "krissh shooting!! Hrithik Roshan" in the left menu...

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