Monday, October 17, 2005

Krrish and Rain

"Priyanka is not here."

That sentence and half of my incentive to cover Krrish shooting gone. There goes my chance to meet one of the most beautiful ladies in the world.

After much research, and tracking of the Krrish shootings, finally came to know the location they are going to shoot. Its was my own Robinson Road where I go everyday to have lunch. It was raining heavily when I left from NTU, met my friend Rochak at Jurong East, and together we left to meet Indian superstar Hrithik Roshan and ex-Miss World Priyanka Chopra.

WAITING for the rain to stop

The whole road was blocked by Singapore Police, their vans and motorbikes and a big truck on the other side. Amazing to see the otherwise crowded road so deserted. It was raining and they had paused the shooting. The sequence they were planning to shoot was of a kid jumping from a building and our superman 'Duggu' (nickname of Hrithik) saving him. They had already shot some parts of it in the morning when it was sunny.

Hrithik was sitting inside an air conditioned van when we saw him. We tried talking to some crew members to get us an interview from Hrithik so as to publish it in NTU magazine; who redirected us to the line producer Kamal.

Kamal didn't allow us to meet Hrithik as they didn't want to disclose his special make-up. He was quite angry by a popular media channel who according to him after being rejected an interview with Hrithik, took a photo of 'Krrish shooting' from the top of a building.
But, he was a nice person to chat to. He and Manoj (another crew member from Mumbai); both started off their long stories on how the people from Uzbekistan had given them a warm welcome when they shot for 'Bose -A forgotten Hero'; to some cheap naughty clips on his mobile. Ending with Sardarji jokes and an audio clip of 'Bobby' (Bobby who? Bobby Deol). All of them were in relaxed moods while the rain continued to pour.

Rakesh Roshan popularly known as 'the father', was sitting in front of MPH, Robinson Road with his other friends. Though he didn't say anything, while just nodding to our 'hi's; initially seemed a bit cold. We requested him to allow us take a photo and he quite generously offered us a chair to sit and click.

Me and Rakesh Roshan

After a while he himself got restless and came towards OCBC at Singapore Airlines office where the cameras were set. The Stunt Director 'Tony Cheung' from HK was sleeping inside Standard Chartered bank, and he started teasing him, took a photo as well.

Rakesh teasing Tony Cheung

As we were feeling hungry, so went over to Amara and had lunch at Subway. Came back at arnd 4:30 pm, and found out that they are already packing up, lost their hopes for rain stopping. Saw some other fans at the set (who became friends), jumping of joy; as they had got autographs from Hrithik.

"He just came and sat with us and gave autographs. He was so near you cud just take out your mobile and click his photo."
But anyway that didn't happen. We tried to convince our crew friends to allow us take a photo as he must have removed his makeup by now, but, by then Hrithik had already left on this white van. Also, the crew was discouraged by seeing the rain. It costed them $25000, all loss.

"He is the hero. The last one to come and the first one to leave" - Crew

Where they are shooting next is a big issue no one knows about.
"Director saab shaam ko hi batatey hain ki kahaan shooting honey wali hai. Pehley se maaloom nahin rehtaa" -crew (The Director only tells abt next day's shooting location in the evening. No one knows abt it beforehand)
But, as the day was packing we came to know that the shooting will be held in National Library again on Monday. And back on Robinson Road next Weekend.

Priyanka is back in Mumbai enjoying her holidays. Apparently, she doesn't have any more scenes or this is what they told us.


faisal said...

Hey Mann,
You sure are goin places! Good for ya my man!

Do you by any chance have hritik's contact information?


vigijohn said...

ur blog seems pretty neat...

Nice to know u met Hrithik and the Google T shirt looks good..

mann said...

Thanks friends!
@faisal: They are not providing any contact information etc. Everything is going on in secret.

Anonymous said...

hey Mann
Im Raven from Malaysia,
ITs nice to hear that u manage to b in the shoot. I'm in Malaysia and am a big fan of Hrithik.How i wish i Could e there to see him. IF you ever get a chance to meet him, plz do tell him that I would love to meet him one day. Thanks.
Do mail me, thanks.

an ant on the move said...

hi! saw your post on i am working at gateway, next to suntec, and the crew was down here a couple of weeks ago. they spent the day shooting, what i came to know, "a small friendly banter between two friends" ! while the other lady was there the entire day in read, priyanka chopra only came in towards the afternoon. the funniest thing was, she was sitting and having lunch, but when we tried to approach her, some super-woman from the crew came up and said that she isnt there .. (this, even though i could see her !! )..anyway, the bit about rakesh roshan is true...he looked glum even that day..guess he's missing his grandson ;)

...oh yeah, I'm Anant. I know Deepak, he's a year junior, I guess you're his batchmate?


mann said...

@raven, Msia: Surely I wd tell him provided they allow me to meet him. Even today I saw them again at Lau Pasat at Robinson Road; but due to his special make-up they are not allowing any meet/photos.

@Anant: Rakesh it seemed didn't speak much; though he had his share of fun teasing ppl ;). Ya! I am with Deepak currently in his company only; but I am his junior doing my IA.

Anonymous said...

hey man.. good that u saw and got to talk 2 crew of Krissh...
umm how about posting picture of hrithik..

shreeku said...

that was a very neat piece of blog!!
good to see the pics and the description was cool!!
keep it up.
what is NTU?

mann said...

NTU is Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. I'm pursuing studies here.